A woman on the phone next to a severely cracked widnshield

Windshield Repair Service Across Eastern PA

Your windshield is made up of multiple layers that protect you from the elements and road debris. Chips or cracks can occur for a variety of reasons, but always pose a danger. This occurs when moisture gets trapped between those laminated glass panes, causing them to expand at different rates, depending on temperature changes. Unfortunately, this can happen very quickly. This means one small crack could become unrepairable without warning, greatly increasing the risk of breaking if it isn’t replaced. So don’t hesitate to get a windshield repair when a crack or chip first appears.

The Windshield Repair Process

The damage your windshield incurs can take a variety of shapes such as the "bull's eye" or "half-moon". Regardless of the shape, the windshield repair process remains the same:

  • The damaged area is cleared of all dirt, water, pieces of glass, and other debris.
  • The area is drilled out to make room for the windshield repair resin.
  • Windshield repair resin is injected into the damaged area.
  • Heat is applied to make the resin expand to fill in all the space created within the damaged area.
  • The windshield repair resin is exposed to UV light to start the curing process.

Advantages and Limitations of Windshield Repair

The windshield repair process offers a number of advantages beyond the safety of a structurally sound windshield. The most obvious is the removal of an unsightly chip or crack in your windshield. The greatest advantage that comes with any auto glass repair is savings. On average, a windshield repair is 70% less expensive than a windshield replacement. Plus, your insurance company may even cover the repair charges for you!

Thousands of cars and windshields have been saved from expensive replacement through expert auto glass repairs. By injecting, heating, and curing a special windshield resin we replace the glass that was lost from your chip or crack. This resin is transparent, clear, and hard when cured. However, there's a limit to how much can actually be repaired this way - cracks longer than 6 inches or chips larger than a quarter won’t regain their structural integrity. 

If you see your windshield starting to break, get it fixed as soon as you can. Cracks and chips are dangerous, and breaks are costly. Don't let them grow into a larger problem - call All-Star Auto Glass to schedule a repair today! Our windshield repair professionals can keep you safe and save you money.

A technician in blue-sleeves holding a windshield replacement tool on a pristine new windshield